How to find our Department and our students))

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Fireworks at the holiday of KNURE

Last month our blog for the English speaking students (and some teachers) was found by such requests in Google:

knure                                                       13
khnure                                                      9
tcs department                                     6
education in english kharkov         5
education in english knure              5
tci transmission control switch    4
cisco certifications                             3
cisco in ukraine                                          3
nigerian students in ukraine                 3
telecommunications kharkov              2
basketballers pics                                      2
education in english                                 2
nigerians living at kharkov ukraine   2
is education in ukraine hard?               1

We are glad that our  Nigerian students are very popular 🙂 also studying here are many other students of our department from other countries such as Uganda, Ghana, Sudan and Morocco.

Soon we will show their lives as well and even their time-tables when they are ready 🙂


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One Response to How to find our Department and our students))

  1. ope adejo says:

    Please I need to know how to confirm my M.Sc telecoms admission with knure since it wasn’t stated on the invitation letter recieved from my agent.

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