Left Wing of a main building KHNURE

View at the windows of TCS Dept.

Today KNURE is a very unique University that has no analogues in Ukraine on the concentration of teaching and research capacity in information and telecommunication technologies.

The achievements of the University in the past and present, clear vision of its development path distinguish KHNURE as one of the known Ukrainian centers of the scientific and technical progress and promise it a bright prospective.

We invite you to study at Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics.

More information about the University  is at Official site of KHNURE.

Entry Requirements

This guidance explains what you will need to do if you want to travel to the Ukraine to study. It is only a guide but it aims to answer some common questions. The organization of higher education in Ukraine is built up in accordance with the structure of education of the world’s higher developed countries, as defined by UNESCO and UNO. You can visit the Ukrainian Ministry for Foreign Affairs website and find full information about our country.

More photos of our Uni you may see at our Albums, page KNURE

Detail information about procedure of admission, fees and accomodation and other aspects you may find at site
See a small video (with Russian text) about foreign students in our University:
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