TCS Department

The  Telecommunication Systems Department belongs to the TCI faculty of Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics.

The TCS Department has been training students in the branch of Telecommunications for more than 30 years. Presently students can get qualification in two specialisms – “Telecommunication systems and networks” and “Management of informatiоn security”, on all three qualification levels: “bachelor”, “specialist”, “master’s” degree.

Annually the reception of 200 university entrants from Ukraine and foreign countries for the daily, extra-mural and second diploma teaching is carried out.
In an educational process highly skilled teachers, among which there are 10 professors, 21 associate professors and 10 assistants take part.

Si-2000 switching system

Si-2000 switching system

The department possesses educational laboratories with the total area of about 500 м2, equipped with the modern digital equipment of leading world producers: Cisco, Intel, Samsung, D-Link, Iskratel-Monis, Sun Rise and others, among which are digital transmission systems, fiber-optical systems, switching equipment and routers, satellite and radio relay transmission systems.

See more information abot the Laboratories of TCS Department.

In the last few years more than 15 undergraduate students of the TCS Department presented doctoral dissertations, among them were foreign students Ydryssy Yakh’yauy Khalyd, Al’-Mykhlafy Murad and others.

On-line tests

Netwok Academy of CISCO tests in 306 room

From 2003 due to Samsung sponsorship an educational center was opened, and one year later the branch of the International Academy Cisco begun to function which allows to conduct training and retraining of specialists on maintenance of modern telecommunication equipment. All students have a possibility to receive the certificates of international level after passing on-line tests in English.
For more information look Some of graduate students and teachers of TCS Department became instructors of the International Academy Cisco and now give lessons in English. Among them are Andrushko D., Simonenko E., Goryaeva S. and others.

Lecture in multimedia aud (301b)

Lecture in English for foreign students

Since 2008 year the TCS Department has introduced education in English for mixed groups, where foreign students and citizens of the Ukraine are trained. This enables students from all over the World to obtain the practices in spoken English and gives them a possibility to continue their education aboard by European or USA programs of students exchage.

Graduate students on speciality “Telecommunication Systems and Networks” meet modern requirements to the specialists of telecommunications and our special courses are fully recognized in Ukraine and in many countries abroad.

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