Laboratory of Switching Systems

The Laboratory is situated in aud. 310. There are studies on next disciplines at this laboratory:
Switching and routing Systems
Signalling in TCS

Control Communication Systems ets.The history of switching laboratory
Laboratory were founded at 1978 year.
Then there were created laboratory practicums for two courses for students of specialty “Multichanal communications”. In 1987 the Switcing system on 50 numbers were aquired.
Switcuing systems Samsung  Electronics

From the beginning of 1990 yy new microprocessors equipment hepled to inforce training of students at principles of electrical switching.
Laboratoru works on DGT-3450
From 1993 year by the new education shedule new disciplines were added and that year miniSS Microtel – 360 were aquired.
At 1998 the laboratory get SS – DGT-3450 from Poland. 

At present at this laboratory there is situated up-to-date equipement of leading firms:
– Rooters with support of Ethernet, Frame Relay and ISDN technologies:

– digital electronic telephone switching system SI-2000(Monis)

– and iDCS-500 (Samsung) with support of Ethernet, xDSL, ISDN and IP technologies


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  1. nice laboratory .

  2. hi prof. iam ali and this my profil

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