What is a CMS? Features of a good CMS ( Lecture 7 on ACT)

A modern CMS is run through browsers and makes the management of a website and all the stuff related to it easy. It also reduces the website maintenance cost and keeps your data safe and secure. You do not need advanced webmaster knowledge to operate it. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are some examples of widely used content management systems today.

You may have heard about Frontpage and Dreamweaver, they were the popular programs for making sites of the past but they are no longer used these days. Joomla is used to create corporate websites and is full of advanced features. As a beginner, WordPress is the best possible choice for you and there are multiple reasons of it.

But later you may nee more complicated CMS for making more professional sites.

Advantages of CMS WORDPRESS

  • It is free to install
  • Most of the website hosting companies have it on their servers and you do not have to download and install it manually.
  • It lets you create pages and posts within minutes
  • User friendly interface
  • You can find a lot of free customizable themes for your website
  • Easy to add pictures and videos in your posts and pages
  • Easy to maintain and administer

Features of a good CMS

Reliability, Reliability, Reliability

Reliability is a feature you must never sacrifice because if the software you are using is unreliable and crashes frequently, this will make your life a nightmare. When you are a pro, you have more ways to deal with a crash (though it is still unpleasant and leads to downtime) but when you are a beginner, a single crash could easily turn into the end of the world for you

Easy Administration

If you hire somebody for the initial configuration of your CMS, you might save yourself a lot of trouble. However, later on, when you need to update your CMS, you will have to deal with the CMSes administration personally (unless you have somebody else to do it for you, of course, if this is the case, you will hardly be reading this article). This is why easy administration is vital for you.

Again, the abundance of features matters less for you than the ease to use them, so if you are wondering which way to go, you definitely need to pick the ease of use one.

Easy Customization

No matter how great a CMS out of the box is, you will always need to make customizations. You need to change colors, upload your logo, make minor adjustments to the template, etc. With the right CMS, all of these basic requirements aren’t rocket science but with many CMS, including some of the leading ones (i.e. Joomla and WordPress), for a beginner, they are more than painful.

For instance, how would you feel if you have to deal with code to make the simplest changes? A beginner is usually not comfortable with that because he or she might have absolutely no coding/design knowledge. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) or visual tools for customization are much easier to use, so look for them

A Rich Selection of Templates and Extensions

When you are a beginner, you will hardly even think of creating your own templates and extensions. Well, even if you are a pro and know how to create your own templates and extensions, you will prefer to have a rich selection of ready made ones because creating your own template/extension takes time.

Good and Easy to Understand Tutorials

Programmers hate to read the docs even when they can’t make it without them. But when you are a beginner and have no knowledge about the technologies that power a given CMS, there is no way you can make it without tutorials. The interface might be intuitive and administration might be easy but you still need to learn how to do things.

Good Backup and Restore

Even the most reliable CMS can crash or get hacked and in such cases a recent backup is your lifebelt. This is why you must look for a CMS that offers an easy and reliable way to backup your data and to restore from a backup.


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