We propose you some photos about life at  English subdivision of  TCI faculty of Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics and of  the city of Kharkov, Ukraine. Now photos are devided on 8 albums. You may add your photos to any album, if you have good ones! Click on titles to enter the specific album.
First line presents Kharkiv and Ukraine.

Svobody Square in Winter

Kharkov in Winter

Kharkov Railway at night

City of Kharkov sightseengs in Summer

Foros church

Crimea, Church over Foros

Second line contends life of the University and of TCS department.

One of the Halls of KHNURE

Job mill for KHNURE students

Life of Telecommunication Dept., TCS, KNURE

On-line tests

Netwok Academy of CISCO

And at the end go albums about study and life of first and second year foregin students, which study at our department at English language.

Students TKi-09

Album of TKi-09

Album of TKi-08

The Radical Stars

The Radical Stars

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