Department of Telecommunication Systems, TCI faculty of Kharkiv National University of Radioelectonics, Ukraine.

Head of the Department

prof. Popovsky V.V.

Address: Av. Lenina 14, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Main building, 2 floor. aud 301 – 367.

Ph/fax: (380-057) 702-13-20

E-mail: or

Head of the TSC Department
Professor, Academician, Popovsky Vladimir Vladimirovoch.


Head of Education in Foreign Language Subdivision (EFLS) of TCS Dept. Ass.Prof. Snegurov Arkadiy Vladislavovich,

Deputy Dean of TCI faculty Ass.Prof. Dobrynin Igor Stanislavovych.


Head of EFLS Snegyrov A.V.

TCI Dean’s deputy Dobrynin I. S.


8 Responses to Contacts

  1. uzoagu obinna says:

    i want to study mechanical engineering in your university,and i already have an admission letter for bachelor of engineering, but through what am seeing in your website i don’t think your university does machanical engineering, so please i want to know the deadline of a student to arrive into the school.

  2. abdalla says:

    Dear Dr. I am a student TAHER ABDULLAH
    This site


    i am a graduate of information and communications technology from Nigeria, very fluent in English language.i want further my education in your university, need to know how many dollar can i pay, when to apply, details of course curriculum.I

  4. Wirba says:

    I am a Cameroonian of nationality and currently a second year student at the National Advanced School of Posts and Telecommunications-Yaounde in Cameroon. I shall complete my professional degree program in telecommunications by November 2012 and would like to continue my studies in your institution. I am writing to ask if it’s going to be possible and if so, the requirements with respect to tuition and others

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