Organization of graduate work

Before the KNURE Entrance

Organization of the Bachelor’s work is relying on teachers of the department with the appropriate work load. Not more then two weeks after the beginning of eighth semester supervisor must familiarize student with the theme of his undergraduate work, which recommended for the development. The theme of Bachelor’s work can be formulated at the suggestion by the student as well – according to the requirements for undergraduate works at his specialty.

The process of qualification on Bachelor’s degree has such main stages:

– identification and qualification approval the theme of work;
– formulation by the supervisor the Task and objectives to its implementation;
– development of  the work according to the task and the
schedule specified in the Form;
– design of explanation notes (thesis)  and preparation for defense;
– obtaining of the response from supervisor of diploma (or from consultant);
– reviewing the work by independent  specialist;
– defense the degree thesis before the State Examination Commission

Supervisor of the graduate work:
– gives the task and objectives to work filling the Form;
– helps students to develop a calendar schedule for the entire
term performance;
– Recommends that the necessary basic scientific and technical literature, modern
reference materials, model making, etc.;
– Advises the student to work on during the whole period
– Verifies the performance (in parts or in whole) by timetable;
– Developing a response to the thesis project (work) degree;
– Previous protection holds a Master degree in 3 – 5 days
– Sign the explanatory memorandum, roll and graphics;
– Signs response to the assessment of the student;

Supervisor, consultant and reviewer do not release the student from responsibility for the quality and authenticity of the task and making the right decisions, and compliance standards and timelines schedule.
After receiving the task on designing diploma a student must:
– to take up work by the time that is given to independent work;
– develop a schedule for the entire period of the design indicating the order of individual steps and submit it for approval by supervisor. Form for Task and Objectives to design the diploma is given in Appendix A.
Work on student graduation projects may be done both in University and business or other institutions where it can be place and relevant materials for the design.
Supervisor performs the control of the materials submitted by the student according to schedule. At meetings of the department regularly heard the message of managers and consultants projects (works) on the implementation plan.

Students who do not perform schedule of the design or are significantly behind in his performance, are invited to the report to the meeting chair. If students have not completed the project (work) to day before the date of defense, they are dispelled from the University.


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