Facebook vrs. LiveJournal


Social network Facebook  by statistics of  TNS firm get more visitores from Russia in October 2011 then one of the web’s most popular early blogging sites LiveJournal (LJ).

Russian auditory of Facebook is now more then 13.4 people, and it increases each monthe on more then 1.5 million.

 That’s why LJ decided to change design and to do another steps to increase the number of visitors.

 In addition LiveJournal is launching a comeback in the United States. Their plans for 2012 include massive changes for users. Oh, and “Game Of Thrones” creator George R.R. Martin is a big user.

In the early 2000s, LiveJournal was king of the blogging hill. The site, which boasted an easy-to-use interface and a thriving social community, brought blogging to the masses. LiveJournal then went through a series of ownership changes; site creator Brad Fitzpatrick sold the blog service to Six Apart (Movable Type) in 2005. Six Apart in turn sold LiveJournal in 2007 to SUP, a Russian firm headed by controversial oligarch Alexander Mamut. Since 2007, LiveJournal has been focusing on growth in Russia and Singapore–where the blog service is incredibly popular.


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  1. Extremely easy to read article.

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