Satellite and radio relay laboratory

Satellite and radio relay laboratory

A laboratory is situated in 374 aud., and also in an audience 301a, where the station of the satellite communication “Olympus” is plased.

At this laboratory works there are executed laboratory works on discipline Satellite and radio relay Systems. 8 laboratory works were developed.
Three works which are executed on PC:

1. researches of signals,
2. planning of intervals of radio relays lines,
3. calculation of reliability of communication on intervals),

3 works with the use of the equipment “Course-8”, station,
one work on the satellite station,

and also students have possibility to make one practical work on the broadcasting center of Kharkov (see the photo below).

Antenna donated by Plimouth University at aud. 301b

Antenns at ORTPC yard

With starting of the center of mobile communication in aud. 374 a list was filled up by laboratory works on radio relay station “Simu-link”, donated to Department by the Joint-stock mobile COMPANY “MTC”.

The satellite equipment is used also for organization of laboratory works on research of hybrid lines and different constituents in network technologies.

Also through the satellite channel access to Internet is organized.

Responsible for the laboratory – prof. Loshakov V.A.


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