Laboratory Work: Developping a Weblog on WordPress

Laboratory works on CTM

 Order of laboratory work executing

 1.    Browse some examples of students and other blogs clicking on some links at the English blog of TCS Departments and on its information portal.

2.    Sign up for WordPress blog.

3.    Change the first page and the first post of the blog and delete the default comment.

4.    Change the template (theme) of the blog with the top menu for pages.

5.    Make one more page and two more posts which put at least at two categories (News and other – for example Hardware or CTM)

6.    Add to the side, Top or bottom menu 5 compulsory widgets and two more by your choise.

7.    Add pictures to at least 2 posts. For best students – add the gallery.

8.    Add 4 links to your class-mates blogse and to the Telecommunication Systems department and output them to the side menu.

9.    Write the comments at least at 3 blogs of your class-mates and at the Department blog (home-task!)

How to execute laboratory work  (methodic)

1.     See the examples at pages,,,

2.     To sign up press at the site a button sign up and fill the form. Give to your blog unic name with will be different from the others and will show the aim of your blog as well.

3.     At your first post you have write at least two sentences about yourself . You may press at the administrator panel Posts then Change button under specific post. You have to add at least two tags to this post.

At the first page you must write about the subject CTM and what you have learnt at it. Pages have no tags but they always presented at the top menu.

4.     There are near 100 free templates in WordPress, choose that you like best but do not spend too much time on this! To change template you have press Settings in the left menu, then Templates

5.     Second page must contain some theory about the modern microprocessors (your self-work 4) and the block-diagram of one of them. Or the gallery! Next posts must contain

6.     Compulsory widgets are: 1. Image (with the link on the page you want to present) 2. Articles archive. 3. Popular posts and pages. 4. Last comments. 5. Statistics of the blog (hits).

Additional widgets may be Text, Search, Tags or others.

7.     To add picture you have use green rectangle (add image option) at the top panel of  Wordpress built editor. Then load the picture from your PC. Do not use links to the pictures from other sites or blogs! The size of the picture must not be too big (800*600 preferably or even less).

8.     New links you may add using administrative panel – option Links. Then output them to the blog using Blogroll widget. You may put links in two categories – then you will need to use two widgets for them.

9.     Use comments at other blogs (or at the social nets) to increase the hits on your blog!

3.5 Laboratory report must contain

1. Aim and purpose of the work.

2. Print screens of one page, of two posts and of the administrator panel of WordPress.

3. Names of all 8 widgets that you’ve used.

4. Texts on HTML  (one post and two widgets)

5. Plot of the blog statistics at least for 5-7 days.

6. Conclusions.


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    Dear prof.Lyulicheva,
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    Hello. We are students of group TKI – 09-1, Bashir and Dima.

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