Entry Requirements for the KNURE University, Ukraine

This guidance explains what you will need to do if you want to travel to the Ukraine to study. It is only a guide but it aims to answer some common questions. The organization of higher education in Ukraine is built up in accordance with the structure of education of the world’s higher developed countries, as defined by UNESCO and UNO. You can visit the Ukrainian Ministry for Foreign Affairs website and find full information about our country.

Step 1 – Getting Visa

To become a student in the Ukraine you have to obtain a student’s entry visa in Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate outside the Ukraine. Visa issuing starts every year in August, 15.

To obtain the student’s visa you must have the University invitation for education. Please provide us with Application Form, scanned copy of Valid Passport, scanned copy of Secondary School Certificate, University invitation and visa support payment, and we will send you the invitation to your postal address. The application form and scanned copies of documents should be sent to our e-mail. Click here to fill in and send the application form now.

We require the letter from parents or sponsors of student confirming responsible tuition fee payment before invitation issuance. The scanned copy of the letter has to be sent to our e-mail. The original letter student will show on the Ukrainian border.

The list of documents to be submitted at Ukrainian Embassy:

  1. The original invitation of the University.
  2. The Secondary School Certificate (legalized* original or legalized notarized copy).
  3. The Birth Certificate (legalized original or legalized notarized copy).
  4. The latest Health Certificate (legalized original). NOTE: The validity of this certificate is 2 months only.
  5. The AIDS test Certificate. NOTE: The validity of this certificate is 3 months only.
  6. Translations to Ukrainian language ** of the documents given in p. 2-5.

We suggest you to keep in touch with Ukrainian embassy in your country regarding all visa questions. These requirements in different countries may vary.

* Legalized means:

  1. Secondary School Certificate has to be legalized in the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Birth Certificate and Health Certificate have to be legalized in Ukrainian Embassy.

** We offer you to take advantages from our high-quality translation from English to Ukrainian language of the documents requested by the Embassy.

Step 2 – Arrival and Meeting

You can come to the Ukraine for studies from 15th of August till 15th of November. In order to prepare your arrival you must send to our e-mail the scanned copy of your flight ticket at least three days before date of arrival. If you fail to inform us in three days beforehand about your arrival you will face problems at the customs and have negative experience that otherwise be successfully avoided.

The list of documents to be submitted to Emigration Officer at the airport in Ukraine:

  1. All the documents which you has submitted to the Ukrainian Embassy.
  2. Return air ticket with an open return date during one year.
  3. 10 passport size photos for the University.
  4. The letter of sponsorship.

Please, make sure that the medical certificate and HIV certificate are not expired by the date of student’s entrance in Ukraine. Otherwise, the student with expired documents will be sent back. These medical and HIV certificates must be extended.


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    concerning an admission into your institution,what are the procedure for international applicant

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