Master’s Degree in Telecommunications

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Telecommunications careers typically require a 4-year degree with coursework in network security, wireless technologies and telecommunications management. Graduates work for cable television corporations, Internet service providers, computer software companies and in networking departments.

Master’s Degree in Telecommunications

Graduate programs in telecommunications commonly lead to the Master of Science in Telecommunication Systems or Master of Telecommunications and Software Engineering. Concentrations are available in networking, systems development, information assurance, analysis and management. Students develop the skills needed for creating, maintaining and securing communications systems, such as Internet, landlines, cell phones and satellite technologies.

Education Prerequisites

Students interested in applying to a master’s-level telecommunications program must have a bachelor’s degree, and some programs may require students to have specifically majored in a related topic, such as computer science or engineering. Typically, applicants should also have taken classes in information analysis and computer programming in either, or both, JavaScript and C++ languages. Prerequisites may be waived if students have substantive work experience or can provide alternate proof of their technical proficiency.

Program Coursework

Students often learn about telecommunications technologies through in-depth lab work. Non-thesis options are available in many programs. Topics of study may include:

Communication engineering principles
Network design and development
Operating systems
Telecommunication signals
System protocols
Performance assessments
Communications security
Project management
Popular Career Options

Telecommunication job opportunities are available with cable providers, telephone companies and Internet providers, as well as a wide variety of high-technology companies. Those who possess a master’s degree in telecommunications can work as a:

Telecommunications consultant
Network analyst
Systems engineer
Network administrator
Network architect
Systems developer


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