To students of 4th year study

Hello English-spoken students of TK-07 and Yusuf from TKi-08-1! Nobody of  you STILL have not sent me any links to yor new blogs! I told you that any work wih your blogs I will lead via Internet. SO till I cannot see your works I cannot show you your multiple 🙂 mistakes!

Anyway I list the most important points at which I will insist:

1. The blog on WordPress must consits of no less then 3 pages! more then 6 posts in 3 or more cathegories.

2. You have to use thes near 10 different widgets (Popular, New, Links, Image, Text, Kalendar, Search, Staistics, Sosial share etc.)

3. Youhave to  make your postsw with photos, galleris and videous. Each big post MUST have teg MORE.

4. Your blog have to show no less 100 hits for 75 and near6-10 hosts for day during a month for 100!

To do this you have a) to put links to your class-mates blogs and comments exchange with them

b) to add interesting information at your posts!!! Content MUST be interestingto oher people)))

5. Your blog have to be indexed in Google.


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4 Responses to To students of 4th year study

  1. iraqstudy says:

    Hello From tkc dep.
    Good job.

  2. elimutk5 says:

    address of our block: elimu5

  3. Yusuf says:

    Hi! this is my new site!!

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