Monument to the 50 parallel in Kharkiv

A view of the monument to 50 parallel, Kharkiv is on the top!))

Kharkiv in the last few weeks became a newsmaker for Ukraine. Particularly She has a greater number of installed monuments than other cities. Only two days ago, right in front of  KHNURE , a monument to the student-programmer was installed, and on Sunday – a new feature 🙂

Everybody knows that 50 parallel runs through the city of Kharkiv as well through Krakow and Prague,  but Kharkiv is the biggest city standing in this parallel!

A number of scientists have so far proved that the 50 parallel  passes exactly through the central Shevchenko Park 🙂  And the city authrities set (or rather laid) a new monument called – “50 parallel” not far from the Opera Theater.  At the inauguration of this monument, it was mentioned that anyone who could stand on it will be happy in future. So just run to the park and stand on the Globe for a while 🙂


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