Come study in Kharkov, Ukraine!

Laboratory wrks on CTM

Ukraine is one of the best platforms for education and tourism. Explore our blog and you will get a better idea of education at Telecommunicayion systems department. We guarantee you high quality European standard education in Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.  Our laboratory classes are well equipped with the devices of World-known firms, such as CISCO, Samsung, D-link, Nokia etc.

At present at our department study near 50 students of third year study, 40 of second and 25 of first year study. Admission to the first year is prolonged until the end of  November.

We are looking for associates all over the world. If you are interested, mail us at or


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4 Responses to Come study in Kharkov, Ukraine!


  2. Mohammed Khider Ali says:

    I was graduated three years back (deloma in Telecommunication) -study three years at of Sudanese universities . I hope Ican find a chance to compete my education in the same field. so, please tell me if I can find this chance and what required regarding decuments, fees and arrangements for visa.
    Thank you sir

  3. chetan says:

    u guys have devices from cisco, what abt jobs for foreigners…..nto even a small company in ukraine wud offer job to a tht true? in my university(KNURE) in kharkov,i cud see pentium M being used for labs and even lower configuration computers when we have some affordably good computers in the market…i wonder how is it possible for ukrainian universities to buy expensive products from ciso or samsung or dlink when they have ridiculously slow computers in their labs, cracked softwares….
    the professors dnt care tht students are learning or not…they will just speak their confused russian to english translation and make nothing out of their english words.

    Please dont mind my words….but its pathetic learning conditions, specially in kharkov. Please dnt play with the careers and aspirations of students who really want to study.
    God bless You!!

    • Dear student, I get with interest and concern that you are so disturbed by what you perceive as weaknesses in the system at Kharkov University of Radio Electronics. Every educational organisation has outside help from manufacturers of superior and advanced level. The students of telecommunication Department should feel privileged to have access to this equipment and its advanced possibilities. It is not possible to equip all areas that you use with the latest equipment. Equipment costs money, lots of money, you do not pay for it but the people of the Ukraine do in taxes which they find hard to pay.
      If you are not the student of our Department you may not see our laboratories – which are very well equipped because of our partnership with Cisco, Samsung, Monis and D-Link companies.
      Jobs, jobs are extremely hard to get in this modern world, so get yourself to a as high a qualification as you possibly can and the jobs will follow.With your exellent knowlage of English you may look for a very good job position even in Ukraine…. hehe IF you’ll find our salaries acceptable to you!))

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