Specialised Academic Council D 64.052.09 is opened!

From November 2009, the Specialized Academic Council D 64.052.09  began work at the Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics.  The Specialized Academic Council allows Ph.D. students defend a dissertation works and be nominated for scientific degrees such as Dr.Tech.Sci. and a Cand.Tech.Sci. In two specialties: 05.12.02  – Telecommunication systems and networks and 05.12.13  – Radio engineering devices and telecommunications facilities.

The councils foundation was laid by scientists of our department: the chief of the TCS department Dr.Tech.Sci., Prof. Popovskiy V.V., Dr.Tech.Sci., prof. Loshakov V.A., Dr.Tech.Sci., associate professor Lemeshko A.V., Dr.Tech.Sci., associate professor Savanevich V.E., Dr.Tech.Sci. Kolyadenko J.J.  and Cand.Tech.Sci. Duravkin E.V. who is the secretary of the council.

By May of  2010, in the newly created council,  the first defense of a dissertation was successful.  The first post-graduate student of the TCS department that defended his dissertational work to be nominated for the Cand.Tech.Sci. degree in the new council was Marchuk Artem Vladimirovich (Supervisor: Dr.Tech.Sci., prof. Loshakov V. A). Today, the dissertational works of doctoral candidates such as  Evseeva O.J., and Ph.D. students such as Kovalenko A.A., Starkova E.V., Gogoleva M. A and Evlash D.V. were accepted by the council for defense. We wish them success!


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