23rd August, 2010 – Day of Kharkov

Flowers in memory of hundreds of thousands of soldiers who died in the battles for Kharkov from 1941-1943.

During the war, Kharkov was captured four times.On  August 23, 1943 the city was finally liberated. Ten divisions of the Steppe Front was awarded the title of Kharkov. It is believed that the liberation of Kharkov ended the battle of Kursk.

In four of the battles for Kharkov and during their two-time occupation, the Soviet Union and Germany lost more people than at any other time in the history of WWII, including Stalingrad and Berlin. Historians say that Kharkov did not become a city-hero because Stalin thought that it was a disgrace as the Red Army was only able to liberate Kharkov at the third attempt.

Battle for Kharkov, 1943

During the war, Kharkov was one of the most devastated cities in Europe;  There were destroyed dozens of architectural monuments were destroyed, numerous artistic treasures were taken to Germany which included out of the whole lot, the  paintings and engravings of Rubens, Velázquez, Dürer and Van Dyck of the Art Museum. When the Germans  retreated in 1943, they had  failed to blow up the concrete Gosprom – It was well built. At the House Project (now the new university building) all the floors were destroyed and the wing, turned to the Zoo was completely destroyed.  The world’s first Palace of Pioneers, the Central Red Army House, Passage and the whole building Khalturina descent and many other parts of the city were not subject to restoring.

Total damage in the city amounted up to 33,5 billion rubles.


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    posted inside “23rd August, 2010 – Day of Kharkov Study Telecommunications in English”.
    I am grateful for pretty much all the facts.

  2. Jack says:

    Thank you!

  3. interna27 says:

    Yes? and you may see it at my Family Chronicles blog at post “Youtube about laser show in Kharkov'” at shorcut address:

  4. Djack says:

    I heard that this year was a very nice laser show at the Town Hall

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