Bachelors degree in Telecommunications

Bachelors in telecommunication

A better question might be what can’t you do. Earning a Telecommunications degree can position you well for diverse careers. You’ll be qualified for jobs in a wide range of business, technology, communications and media environments. Whether you’re interested in working for an Internet company, a television station, a phone company or another organization, earning a degree in Telecommunications can equip you for success in the 21st century.

Highest Salaries are in the Professional Ranks

Telecommunication is now a critical component of almost every business, large or small, on the globe. The Telecommunications Industry provides jobs of every description. According to latest numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, only 17 percent of these jobs; however, may be described as ‘professional.’ Those remaining are involved in a wide array of physical and administrative support.

Supporting jobs in sales, finance or the physical installation of equipment often pays more than comparable jobs in other industries. However, it’s the professional ranks that earn the highest salaries. This includes starting salaries.

Professional jobs in Telecommunications appear under a variety of names and designations. Professional positions usually require a degree.

Starting and Average Salaries in Telecommunications Professions

According to the database of Simply Hired,, the average entry level salary in Telecommunications is $57,000. This is $24,000 more than the average overall entry level salary. Salaries vary according to the size and geographic location of the employe.


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