Uganda Community in Ukraine

Corner of Av.Lenina and Novgorodskaya str.

Our address is
Kharkov 61202 P.O.Box 2005
str.Novgarodskaya 11 office 412 4th floor
office tel.+38057-7192400

It is not far from the KNURE! – two bus stops by av. Lenina on the way to the 7th  hostal

The Uganda Community in Ukraine is an association that comprises mainly of Ugandans living in Ukraine,

those who have ever lived in Ukraine   founded  in the year 1998 as an  association that was meant to  at Promoting unity and cooperation among Ugandans. Later on the organ began to serve as a bridge between Ugandans here and those overseas and so just like any other organized community it was worth setting up a constitution to guide us .

The site of Uganda Community proclaimes  the aims and objectives of the association:
1. To maintain unity, cooperation and harmony amongst Ugandans in Ukraine.
2. To promote the successful performance of Ugandan students in Ukraine and defend  interests.
3.To promote pan-africanism besides maintaining dignity, honor,repute and a good name for the republic of Uganda.


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  1. elmm says:

    hello am emmauel a ugandan student currently studing medicine in algeria i would to get some information on ukrainian post graduate courses

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