Yearly project for second year students

I’ve added a new page with guidelines about yearly project on Theory of Electric Communication. There you may find aslo number of variance with source data for each student. And you amy ask me any questions at comments to that acticle! If you need any off-line consultation ask at the dean office to add weekly and additional hour in your time-table from next week.

Consultations – on Wednesday and Thursday 13.00-15.00 at the room 303.

Lulicheva Inna A. Consultant on yearly project.


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9 Responses to Yearly project for second year students

  1. mohamedjs says:

    Dear prof, lulicheva ,
    this is my word press i hope to see it

    mohamed salim

  2. Dear Madam :
    I want ask some questions I don’t understand what I should to do in this equations
    please madam reply soon

  3. Mark says:

    Здравствуйте. у меня вопрос, к первому заданию в таблицах нет скорости, она постоянна и= 25?

  4. Mark says:

    Здравствуйте. У меня такой вопрос, к первому заданию в таблице нет “скорости”, она постоянна и = 25?

    • Mark says:

      и ещё, Fоб и Fin – это одно и то же?

      • Это где? какие номера формул? Если это о объективе, то объектив(рус)=lens(en), я пыталась кое-где перейти от русскоязычных к англ. сокращениям.
        Так что Fоб = Fln.
        And…. yearly project in English is shotcated compaly to Russian. So you’d better use English version)

  5. Buluba isaac says:

    madam i have been looking for you but i have failed to get you.
    i have some questions about the yearly project that i want to ask you.
    how can i get you.

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