Attention TCS students

All second year students who didn’t pass examinations will be expelled in the next week!

From group TKi-o8-1

Saleh Nasir J. — expelled last week, 6 disciplines

Abdelrahman Hatem — two disciplines Mathematical Analysis, Computer Engeneering and MP

Al Salman Salman — one discipline – Mathematical Analysis

Buluba Isaac — one discipline – Physical training

Gadir Mohammed — two disciplines – Internet Tecnology, Basic of Circuits

Gubchenko O.V. — two disciplines – Physical training, Basic of Circuits

Mohammed T. Amro — two disciplines – Mathematical Analysis, Internet Tecnology

Mohammed Alan F. — two disciplines – Psychology, Physical training


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2 Responses to Attention TCS students

  1. Buluba isaac says:

    i finished everything what’s my name dong here?

    • OK, I’ve add that you have passed the test! You are a good student and took good marks in all other subjects, I know.
      But I’m sure that problems with tests on physical traning, phylosophy or ecology means that student not only have not visited lessons at time but also have not find time at session to correct this)).

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